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Flow3rs is a collection of decentralized art for positive climate impact. Browse the Flow3rs collection below. Proceeds from all Flow3rs transactions are used to retire carbon credits from nature-based projects that help reduce and remove carbon from the atmosphere. You can browse and bid on the collection below.For more information, please see our FAQs.
Olive Allen
Danny Cole
Lindsey Byrnes
Andre Oshea
Ezra Br0wn
Maxwell Tilse
Gab Jetski


Bid on the Flow3rs collection to win one or more pieces chosen at random! Each piece comes with a physical counterpart. View the collection below.

Additional Prizes

Top 3 highest bidders will receive an additional piece from one of our artists
Top 10 highest bidders will receive a copy of our Flow3rs book signed by all artists
To qualify for these additional prizes, bids must be 5 ETH or more